Bitcoin Purchase Platform: xCoins Review

The popularity of bitcoin as an asset in digital platforms has risen significantly over the last few years. It has become an ideal payment system for goods and services in online platforms. The likability of this crypto-currency can be attributed to the fact that system is decentralised. This means that it is not controlled by world governments, which prevents tinkering through new monetary policies. In addition, the bitcoin provides anonymity for individuals during transactions, which is critical when carrying out online transactions.

There are different platforms from which you can acquire bitcoins for your digital usage. It is important to choose a method that will provide fast services, security and flexibility. One of the advantageous options is xCoins, which is a simple person to person transfer or lending platform designed to allow you to buy bitcoin quick. Whether you are a digital currency aficionado or a novice to crypto-currency, you will find this avenue convenient and easy to use.


How xCoins Works

The xCoins platform is designed like a standard exchange platform for the bitcoins. Basically, the lender or the seller of the bitcoin will transfer the digital units to their xCoins wallet. This means that before you sign up and apply for purchase, some suppliers will have already deposited their coins into their accounts. This prevents unnecessary delays during the transactions. You, as the borrower or buyer, will go to the xCoins platform and request for the bitcoin. You will make the payment to the lender. The amount paid will include the value of the bitcoins that you want as well as the transaction fee. When the money is received, the bitcoin will be transferred from their account to yours. You can withdraw the bitcoin from the virtual wallet and utilise as desired.

Accepted Payment Methods

One of the major concerns when acquiring bitcoin is the payment method. The preferred method in a specific platform can be a limitation if you do not have the time or resources to set up. When using xCoins, you can buy bitcoin quick using a wide range of methods. Major credit cards which generally include the popular Visa and MasterCard will be accepted, and your payment is secured for your comfort and safety. PayPal is still a primary monetary exchange platform for online transactions. Therefore, if you have credit or balance in your account, you can use it to pay for your bitcoin. Finally, you can choose to use your bank account for the payment. The system accepts both Automated Clearing House and electronic checks. With these diverse methods, you get the best flexibility in the market.

Advantages over Exchanges

There are numerous reasons why this secured lending through xCoins is preferred over the standard exchanges. First, you are allowed to reverse the transaction by returning the bitcoin and you will get the amount that you deposited back. This is convenient because there are several lenders, which means that someone might offer a better for the bitcoin. Moreover, you might no longer need the digital currency. Secondly, you will get your bitcoin instantly after payment. Most exchanges are delayed and often take a couple of days. Most importantly, most exchanges allow only bank transfer payments, but with xCoins, you can pay with any of the aforementioned methods.

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