Thinking of applying for Loan?

Home is a beautiful place and it feels like a heaven when you come back to home after a hectic day schedule. Living in your own house where you can do anything you feel like is a blessing. But not everyone is blessed with a house, some live on rent and some in hotels and some live as paying guest. Everyone wants to have his or her own house but do not have enough money for that. In such a situation banks and other financial institutions like calpers home loan program provide home loan facility to its customers.

There are two types of loans available, one is home loan and the other is mortgage loan. Home loan is a loan that is taken to purchase a real estate and mortgage loan is a loan that is taken to get cash by keeping a real estate as a collateral security. Calpers home loan mortgage provide both types of loan.Image result for Thinking of applying for Loan?

How can you get a home loan mortgage?

If you are thinking of getting a home loan then first prepare yourself and be debt free because bank never gives loan to bankrupts and who are already debtors or have a bad history in this regard. Following are some tips before you go to take loan:-

  • Check your credit report – If the bank knows your credit status well and they get your credit report which is good then they offer you good loan amount and also it is easy for you to calculate the amount.
  • Save your money – If you are willing to apply for a home loan then it is time for you to take steps for saving cash. Your financial status matters while applying for loan. If your financial status is strong you can easily get loan application accepted.
  • Apply for long time loan – It gives you time to pay the amount back on time without any problem.


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